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Recommended Resources

Readers frequently ask us for recommendations on where to shop for 3D printers, filament and accessories. We thought it might be helpful to compile a list of the 3D printing resources we use: all the companies listed below supply quality products and good customer service. We have ordered from them in the past or use their products ourselves. Only those companies that we feel are truly recommendable have made it onto this list.

You may want to bookmark this page for your reference as we will keep adding handy 3D printing resources as we discover them.

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, we earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase. Do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them or that they will help you achieve your goals. Should you find our site useful, we appreciate the contribution you make when buying via one of our affiliate links.

3D Printers & More

MakerGeeks Logo

MakerGeeks - For US-based readers

MakerGeeks is a 3D printer, filament and accessories reseller that is very popular amongst US-based Makers and 3D printing enthusiasts. They carry a broad range of 3D printers as well as an excellent selection of 3D printer consumables including a large choice of specialty filaments. MakerGeeks also produces their own line of ABS and PLA filament, so if you want to buy Made in the USA, look no further. Last but not least, MakerGeeks offers free shipping in the US!

iGo3D Logo

iGo3D - For Europe-based and Global readers

iGo3D is a leading European 3D printer and accessories reseller. Their steadily growing product range covers all the major 3D printer brands as well as some of the best known filament and accessories brands. iGo3D is our pick for international readers as they ship world-wide and their website can be accessed in German, English, Polish and Russian. Within Europe, all shipments above 100 EUR are free! We have been working with iGo3d for some while now and can recommend them as true subject matter experts.

3D Printer Filament

ColorFabb Logo


ColorFabb is a Dutch producer of high quality filaments for 3D printing. Not only do they offer a broad color range of quality PLA filament but they also produce an ever growing line of specialty filaments. As their respective names suggest, glowFill, woodFill, bambooFill, bronzeFill, brassFill and copperFill are composite materials that allow you to 3D print in a variety of materials that don't look anything like plastic. Recently, they have added carbon fiber filament to their evergrowing selection of great materials. Highly recommended!

Ninjaflex by Fennerdrives


NinjaFlex is a premium supplier of strong, flexible filaments for your 3D printing projects. Create flexible 3D prints with elastic properties that bend, stretch and flex. The NinjaFlex filaments are based on a specially formulated thermoplastic elastomer that allows for smooth feeding and clean, high-quality printed parts. The product line-up includes Ninjaflex and SemiFlex, each with a different degree of flexibility and strength.

Taulman 3D Logo

Taulman 3D

Taulman 3D is a US based 3D printing materials manufacturer known for their large selection of technical filaments. The Taulman 3D printing materials come in a wide array of characteristics ranging from high-strength, chemical resistant to slippery and flexible. As the Taulman filaments come with finely tuned material properties they are ideal for design, engineering and architectural uses. 

Proto Pasta logo


Creative, professional & fun filament made in the USA by ProtoPlant Inc. Creators of the original, affordable, and easy printing Carbon Fiber for an iconic matte black finish. Technology and craft collide with products like Polishable Steel and Rustable Iron PLAs. Makers of high performance PLA with better than ABS properties and intriguing aromatic filaments like Coffee.

Innofil3D Logo


Innofil3D is a leading supplier of innovative, top quality 3D FDM monofilaments. They offer a broad range of filaments that deliver outstanding 3D printing results. Available materials include PLA, ABS, PET, flexible, flameretardant, watersoluble, thermochromic, foodsafe and recycled filament as well as nylon and POM. Innofil3D develops and manufactures their filaments in the Netherlands, thereby ensuring highest quality standards.

GlobalFSD Logo


Global Filament Sample Depot (GlobalFSD) enables you to try new awesome filament without having to buy complete spools. GlobalFSD sells around 50 different filament types in 5 or 10 meter samples. Affordable pricing and global shipping make this our top recommendation for buying 3D printer filament samples.

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3D Printing Accessories

BuildTak Logo


BuildTak is: a thin, durable plastic sheet that adheres to the print bed of FFF 3D printers. It provides an optimal printing surface for 3D objects to adhere to for the duration of a print, while allowing for a clean, easy removal of completed builds. While BuildTak won't solve all adhesion issues we use it on almost all of our 3D printers since it makes 3D printing easier and needs to be replaced a lot less frequently than Kapton or blue tape. Check out our complete review.

3D Printing Services

3D Hubs Logo

3D Hubs

Find fast and affordable 3D printing services in your neighborhood: with more than 13995 connected 3D printers worldwide, 3D Hubs operates one of the largest 3D printer networks in the world. The company facilitates transactions between 3D printer owners and people who want to make 3D prints. 3D printer owners can join the platform by offering 3D printing services while customers can locate printer owners to get their 3D models printed in neighborhood.

Our pick if you don't own a 3D printer but need a 3D print or if you own a 3D printer and want to make a bit of money on the side!​