What’s New in 3D Printing Lately – July 2016

We pride ourselves on this blog not being a 3D printing news type of blog. We feel that a lot of news sites fuel the hype and over-inflated expectations around 3D printing while often blurring the lines between consumer and industrial 3D printing.


Our editorial guideline from day one was to publish original content only and not to curate content from other sources. That being said, we have come to the conclusion that we don't have a good forum to share relevant news, product announcements and other interesting desktop 3D printing tidbits.

Therefore, we are piloting this new format: at the end of each month, we'll share those pieces of content that caught our attention and which we believe to be of interest to you too.

We are looking forward to any feedback, let us know if this resonates with you.

Reading Roundup

4 Free 3D Scanning Apps that don’t require extra Hardware Looking to get into 3D scanning on the cheap? Nick Lievendag has put four free 3D scanning apps to the test.

What is the best type of plastic for my 3D printing application? - 3D Matter breaks down the properties of the most widely used printing materials to help you pick the right filament for the right job.

3D printing filament properties

Image © my3Dmatter.com

Whatever happened to 3D printing? - A sobering but realistic look at the state of 3D printing by TechCrunch. I fully concour, 3D printing is going through the trough of disillusionment right now but desktop manufacturing is not dead.

The Proto-pasta Carbon Fiber PLA, an exotic filament for 3D printers – the guys over at Aniwaa share their experience in printing with Protopasta's Carbon Fiber filament.

This Artist 3D Printed a Ghostly, Life-Size Motorcycle – Impressive! A life-size motorbike, printed on an Ultimaker Original, using 18 spools of PLA.

Product Launches & Kickstarters

ColorFabb launches new steelFill 3D printing filament at AM Show Europe 2016 - ColorFabb has launched yet another product in their line of specialty filaments: steelFill. The latest addition to ColorFabb's portfolio will only be available in later in the summer but we already got hold of a test spool, so stay tuned for the complete review.

ColorFabb steelFill

RoVa4D Full Color Blender 3D Printer - ORD Solutions is back with their latest project on Kickstarter: the RoVa4D 3D printer. The machine features a unique plastic mixing technology feeding 5 filaments into a single print head, thereby allowing an infinite number of colors in a single print. Without doubt, a big technical challenge but there is clearly demand for such technology as the project hit its funding goal in no time.

3D Printing Projects

Make a 3D Printed Japanese Cord Loom (Kumihimo) – Yet another interesting 3D printing project over at mkrclub.com.

Automated Ultrasonic Misting 3D Print Polisher PRO – Michael Graham has designed an ultrasonic 3D print polisher that uses aceton vapor to apply a professional finish to ABS printed parts. Find the complete how-to instructions on Instructables.

Industry News

3D Hubs Trend Report 2016 July – A great way to check the pulse of the 3D printing industry. I always enjoy reading these, though July 2016 is the last monthly report by 3D Hubs. Going forward they will switch to a quarterly format.

3D Hubs Trends - July 2016

Astroprint Stats & Trends - 3D print cloud service Astroprint has also started to release statistics and trends charts specific to their platform. Another interesting data point on top of 3D Hubs' stats.

Challenges & Contests

Within Reach 3D Design Challenge - Create a tool or device that will make daily tasks easier for people with limited use of their hands. The first prize, an Ultimaker 2+, is certainly worth it. You can still submit your designs until September 6th.

Within Reach Challenge

There you have it: our first post with curated content. We'd love to hear your feedback. Let us know if you find this type of post useful by leaving a comment below.

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Terry Gregg - August 1, 2016

Love this guys. Its great to be able to get decent quality info all in the one place without having to trawl through a lot of rubbish on google to get good content. I for one am a fan. Good job.

    Yves - August 1, 2016

    Thanks for the feedback Terry. Glad to hear that you like this format!

Dr John Morrissey - August 7, 2016

Many thanks for doing this. I’m new to 3D printing and need to learn as much as I can. The information provided here is very useful to me.


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