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Book Review – The Zombie Apocalypse Guide to 3D Printing

A new book that has hit the bookshelves caught our attention: The Zombie Apocalypse Guide to 3D Printing by Clifford Smyth. Cliff is a guest writer here on the blog and his first book Functional Design for 3D Printing has proven to be very popular with our readers and continues to be a best seller among the books that we recommend.

In case you haven't heard of Cliff Smyth before, he is an author specialized in teaching you how to use your 3D printer as a tool to print useful things. I highly recommend that you check out his contributions on the topics of Infill & Strength and Anisotropy.

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Interview with Pieter-Jan Vandendriessche – Creator of the Tripodmaker

Why would anyone want to develop a new 3D printer if there are already hundreds of machines out there? I ask myself that question every time I see yet another 3D printer being launched on a crowd-funding platform or elsewhere.

Just having tested the Tripodmaker delta 3D printer, I sat down for a chat with Pieter-Jan Vandendriessche to find out more about why he decided that there was space in the market for a new deltabot.  

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Behind the Scenes at ColorFabb

ColorFabb – Over the past couple of years, this 3D printer filament brand has become synonymous with innovation and breakthroughs in the 3D printing consumables space. The Netherlands based filament manufacturer has been releasing some of the most exciting 3D printing materials and this at a continuous pace.

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Desktop 3D Printing in Medicine

​Medical applications for 3D printing: for most of us, the idea of 3D printing being used in medicine evokes thoughts of the latest industrial 3D printing technology and multi-million dollar investments. Less known however is the fact that desktop 3D printers (i.e. consumer 3D printers) are also finding their ways into hospitals.

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Highlights of the 3DP Europe in Brussels

We have just returned from our visit to the 3DP Europe, Belgium's first 3D printing fair. Hosted in the historical Tour&Taxis building, in the center of the Belgian capital Brussels, the 3DP Europe had a fair visitor turnout, an ample list of renowned exhibitors as well as interesting speakers from the 3D printing field. So here are our personal highlights of 3DP Europe 2015:

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How Additive Manufacturing Is Entering Arts

This post is a guest contribution by CGTrader, a marketplace for sharing and selling 3D models.

Attempting to define art is a little like trying to describe a color to a blind person. It's an elusive concept that gains different meanings and forms in the eyes of different persons. Since the Stone Age, when the modern human had first made effort to depict the world around him using color pigments and produced what is now considered cave paintings, we exert enormous effort to make art. And art can be anything.

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FryskLab – Visit of a Mobile FabLab

Last month, the FryskLab, on its MakerTour 2015, passed through Luxembourg and stopped at the FabLab in Belval, Luxembourg. (N.B.: if you do not know what a FabLab is, I invite you to first read our article on the FabLabLux opening). The FryskLab visit was a unique opportunity to have a thorough look at one of the only mobile FabLab’s currently in existence in Europe. Continue reading


Highlights Of The RapidPro 2015 Industrial and Home Professional

Last week, we spent a couple of days visiting the RapidPro 2015 Industrial and Home Professional in Veldhoven, Netherlands. We like to go to the RapidPro: not only is it completely free, but it is open to professionals as well as private users. Whether you are simply looking to see the latest 3D printers or find new and exciting 3D printing materials, whether you need somebody to mold the prototype you have developed or need a high-resolution 3D scan of any object, you will find what you are looking for at the RapidPro.

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