Introducing GlobalFSD: The Best Place to Shop for 3D Printer Filament Samples

If you are anything like us, you love to test new 3D printer filament. And who could blame you? The 3D printer filament market is extremely dynamic and new filament types are hitting the market almost every month. Gone by are the days where 3D printer consumables were limited to ABS and PLA plastics only.


Filament manufacturers such as Netherlands based Colorfabb have been churning out filament innovations at a breathtaking pace: their woodFill and bambooFill lines, which give your 3D prints a wood-like texture, were quickly followed by bronzeFill, brassFill and copperFill. These metal powder blended filaments allow you to print statues and jewelry that have the look and feel of traditionally manufactured metal objects.

For the more technically inclined, filaments from Taulman such as the nylons Taulman 618 and Taulman 645 are great options when it comes to printing strong, functional parts.

Flexible filaments by producers such as Ninjaflex open up yet another design space. These filaments allow you to 3D print rubber-like creations that can be bend, flexed or stretched.

Finally, glow-in-the-dark filaments, carbon-fiber reinforced filaments, dissoluble, conductive and thermochromic filaments round off the dazzling array of ever-growing 3D printer materials options.

Now as great as all these new 3D printing materials are, they pose the 3D printer owner a problem: each time a new filament is launched, you can't help but buy a spool to test it for yourself. With a single spool of bronzeFill costing 49.95 EUR ($60) this can become quite expensive, quite rapidly. God knows, we have invested hundreds of Euros into filament spools.

Well, help is finally at hand! Introduce the Global Filament Sample Depot (GlobalFSD), a web shop selling filament in sample quantities.

GlobalFSD is the brainchild of Hassan Al-Fattal and Tim Kay who spotted a gap and an opportunity in the 3D printer filament market:

GlobalFSD enables anyone around the world to try a new awesome filament for next to nothing! No ones wants to spend more than they have to and that's why we’re becoming so popular among the maker/3D community. It feels like there’s a real surge of cool filaments coming to market and we want to be the ones to offer them all for really affordable prices. You may just want to try 3D printing with something new, so why commit to full spool before you even know what it’s like? At GlobalFSD we offer the needed solution to anyone who just want a taste. What’s more if you're looking to print with a certain filament, we might just introduce you to another! We seem to be adding to the collection all the time and did I mention we ship worldwide!

Hassan Al-Fattal 
Founder - GlobalFSD

Today, GlobalFSD offers 5 or 10 meter samples of pretty much any filament under the sun and this at very reasonable prices. They have been able to sign-up major filament manufactures such as Taulman 3D, Formfutura, ColorFabb and NinjaFlex, leading to a huge choice of around 50 different filament samples.

GlobalFSD Filament Selection

Having shopped at GlobalFSD ourselves we felt that this is something that we should bring to our readers as well. We have worked out an exclusive deal with GlobalFSD: if you sign up to our newsletter now, you secure a 5% discount for all your filament sample orders from GlobalFSD.

Secure your 5% discount

How it works: once you have signed up to the newsletter (and confirmed your subscription) you'll be taken to a page that displays the discount code. Copy the discount code, head over to GlobalFSD, pick your filament samples of choice and during check out enter the discount code in to Discount Coupon Code box:

GlobalFSD Discount Code Box

That's it, you'll be given a 5% discount on your complete purchase. Note: if you have subscribed to our newsletter in the past, the email with the discount code is already waiting in your inbox.

We hope that our deal with GlobalFSD will fuel your curiosity to try some 3D printer consumables that you haven't used before. Happy shopping and have fun exploring some new 3D printer filaments!

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The Best Place to Shop for 3D Printer Filament ... - April 7, 2015

[…] Introducing GlobalFSD, a web shop selling 3D printer filament in sample quantities. Sign-up to our newsletter and secure a 5% discount right now!  […]


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