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Consumer 3D printing is HOT right now!

In this relatively young industry, it can prove quite difficult to find experts with the necessary technical knowledge and thorough writing skills, able to write in-depth about 3D printing. Instead of trying to convince you of our qualities, we would like you to form yourself an opinion. Just have a look at our website, which we think is the best self-explanatory reference that we can put forward. In 2014, we also were part of the Make magazine 3D printer test team. Some of our articles have beeen featured on makezine.com (here, here and here), but also on ´╗┐adafruit.com and on instructables.com (here and here).

For all of our tests, reviews and articles, we are following a very specific testing philosophy:


All of our tests, reviews and articles are realized INDEPENDENTLY! This means:

Every review will be done in complete independence. Even if the review is being paid for, that fee only secures the right to obtain a review. No result in the testing can ever be bought! We commit ourselves to always giving honest feedback. 

We follow a holistic approach. Therefore, our reviews will try and encompass every aspect of the reviewed product, i.e. the good as well as the bad qualities. And they will all get covered in writing.

All of our reviews are done by experts which have the necessary knowledge and extensive experience in the domain of 3D printing.

All of our reviews get written by ourselves, we are not sub-contracting neither the testing, nor the writing to any third persons.

You can hire us for for the following services:

3D Printing Hardware Reviews:

  • 3D printer reviews. If you are a 3D printer manufacturer or reseller, looking to get his 3D printer independently tested by a team of qualified reviewers, please do contact us by using our contact form or at info[at]3dprintingforbeginners.com. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we have been part of the Make magazine 3D printer test team! Check out the 3D printers section on our website to get a better grasp of our testing methodology.  
  • Filament and 3D printer supplies reviews. Every 3D filament manufacturer or reseller interested in obtaining an an in-depth review of his materials should contact us. We also provide help launching new products and can do thorough beta-testing of your product before launch.
  • 3D printer accessories and tools reviews. If you have an amazing product to be used in conjunction with a 3D printer (like 3D print surfaces, products increasing first layer adhesion, specialised tools, etc.) and if you want to get a review on how well your product does its job, please feel free to contact us.   

3D Printing Fairs, Events and Conferences Reviews:

  • 3D printing fairs and conferences reviews. Are you looking for an extensive after-event report, together with a lot of pictures of the event that you have organized? And all of this should also be presented to a highly relevant audience, so as to increase your media exposure and obtain even more visitors for the next event? Then contact us to book one of our 3D printing fairs or conferences reviews. Putting you onto our 3D printing fairs and conferences list (Google Pagerank nr.1) guarantees to provide the very best visibility to your event.
  • Special coverage of a specific exhibitor. If you are looking to highlight a specific exhibitor, we can offer an highly-contextualized interview published on our site. In that way, you can obtain the relevant exposure you are looking for.   

3D Printing Software and Repository Reviews:

  • 3D printing software reviews. We review all sorts of 3D printing software, be it CAD software, slicers, 3D modelling tools or 3D printer hosts. Feel free to contact us for more details.   
  • 3D printing repository and file database reviews. Are you launching a new 3D printing file repository? Or maybe you are looking to obatain a better exposure of your 3D file database? We can review your repository an write about it, or provide better exposure via featuring your repository in our extremely popular repository list.    

3D Printing Service Reviews:

  • Are you looking for a better exposure of the services you are offering as a 3D printing service? We can provide a review of the services you have on offer, test your materials and customer service or simply provide a better exposure or drive more traffic via a prominent integration on our 3D printing services list. Feel free to contact us for more details.   

3D Printing Freelance Writing / Special Contributions:

  • We have a lot of experience writing in the domain of 3D printing. Our main language is English, but we are also fully proficient in German as well as in French. If you are looking for a specific piece on 3D printing, an article for your own blog or if you need help putting together a review in this quite technical domain, feel free to contact us.    

Interested in Retaining Our Services?

Contact us by writing to info[at]3dprintingforbeginners.com or use our contact form.