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3D Print of the Month – January 2014

I am happy to launch the first post of what will be a monthly recurring series: the 3D print of the month. As part of my goals for 2014 I set myself the objective to do one 3D print per month where I report the complete process and results here on the blog. When I say the complete process, I mean the good, the bad and the ugly. So I will cover everything that went well and also those things that didn’t go so well.

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Seasonal 3D Printing – 3D Printed Cookie Cutters (Part 2)

As described in yesterday’s blog post, cookiecaster.com is a neat and free service to create your own cookie cutters within minutes. However, the creative options with Cookie Caster are a bit limited since the design are always based on extrusions of an outline. Inspired by some 3D printed cookie cutters I had seen on the internet, I wanted to design cookie cutters with reliefs.
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Ever Wondered What You Can Do With a 3D Printer?

Have you ever wondered what you can use a 3D printer for? Maybe you are considering buying a 3D printer but you aren’t sure if you’ll find enough practical uses for it? If so, I highly recommend watching the below video by Peter from Sweden. Peter owns an Ultimaker printer for over a year now and he has really put it to use in 3D printing practical items around his house.

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