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Highlights of the Maker Faire Paris

This weekend marked France’s first Maker Faire, the Maker Faire Paris. The event took place from June 21 – 22 at the Centquatre, a public cultural centre located in the 19th arrondissement of the French capital. The organizer kindly made two press passes available to us such that we really didn’t have an excuse not to attend.

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Taking Off with 3D Printing

We have recently been contacted by Jonatan Domènech Arboleda, a student from the School of Industrial and Aeronautic Engineering of Terrassa (part of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain). Jonatan has just completed a remarkable project, a 100% 3D printed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) also known as the Barcelona UAV.

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3D Print of the Month – May 2014

It’s end of May, spring is here, trees have leaves and flowers are blooming. It is a beautiful time of the year and nature provides plenty of inspiration, also for the 3D print of May 2014: a 3D printed flower bouquet. This striking and unique 3D print really is a refreshing change compared to the more technical or functional objects that are typically featured in our 3D print of month series.

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How to make DIY Filament for your 3D Printer

Nowadays one of the biggest drawbacks in 3D printing is the relative high cost of filament, i.e. the 3D printer (thermo-)plastic, the “consumable” for your 3D printer. Prices for 3D printers have been continuously dropping, but filament prices did not really follow the same path. Agreed, filament availability is far better than 2 or 3 years ago, as are color choices. Even the materials for 3D printing are becoming more and more varied and readily available.

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Our Take on the FabCon 3.D

We have just spend the last couple of days at the FabCon 3.D, one of Germany’s most prominent 3D printing expos. FabCon 3.D is a consumer/pro-sumer oriented event and 2014 only marked FabCon’s second anniversary.

The fair took place in Erfurt, from May 15 – 17 which gives it one day of overlap with the Rapid.Tech, a rapid prototyping fair aimed at a professional audience taking place in the same location.

For those of you who couldn’t make it, here is a review of what we discovered and found to be worth sharing.

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3D Print of the Month – April 2014

Another month gone by, time for the next 3D printing project. The 3D print of April 2014 is an interesting and practical two piece print: a nutcracker. What makes this print more challenging is that the two pieces need to fit together by the means of a thread which obviously requires a fair amount of precision in order to work properly.

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3D Printing Resources – 2014 Update

Here is just a quick shout about the updated resources section of our website. We have been hard at work over the last few weeks to compile what we hope to be one of the best resources pages for 3D printing. We have significantly extended the existing resources and added a few new pages such that our resources section now covers:

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3D Print of the Month – March 2014

It is time for the March 3D print of the month. Unlike for the previous months which were focused on a single object, the March 2014 3D print of the month features two separate objects. One of them was quite challenging to print and pushed the Ultimaker pretty hard. Hope you enjoy this read and get some inspiration for your next 3D prints.

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A Comprehensive Introduction to 3D Printing Technology

3D Printers – How Do They Work?

The topic of 3D printing has peaked your interest and you are looking into how to use a 3D printer? Have you tried to find information on the underlying 3D printing technology or on how to 3D print, but got lost either in a multitude of 3D printing news only sites, or short and/or superficial articles? Are you still trying to get your head around the ins and outs of 3D printers and 3D printing technology ?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you are not alone! 3D printing can be complex to take in initially, as the learning curve may be quite steep. We know the feeling since we have been there ourselves. But, do not despair, we have written this article to explain 3D printing basics with the beginner in mind. To make all of this easy to understand, we have added quite a few pictures and illustrations. Hope you enjoy the read!

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