3D Printing Fairs & Events – 2014

You are interested in 3D printing but not quite sure yet whether you should go ahead and buy that home 3D printer? Or maybe you are a rapid prototyping veteran and want to stay on top of the latest developments around 3D printing technologies and services. The best way to do all of that is to visit one of the many 3D printing expos or trade shows that are happening in 2014.

To help you find an event near to you, we have now updated the Fairs & Events Page of our Resources section with all 3D printing related events happening in 2014. From Moscow to New York and from Taipei to Birmingham, the 3D printing wave is sweeping the globe right now and there should be an event to suit every taste.

If you have never been to a 3D printing fair, what should you expect when attending? Each event has its own focus (just check out the fair homepage before planning a trip) but generally speaking you will find a wealth of information covering anything 3D printing related. Here is just a quick sampling:

  • Manufacturers of home 3D printers & manufacturers of professional 3D printers showcasing their latest products
  • Lots of live 3D printing demos (gotta love those!)
  • Information on auxiliary products such as 3D scanners or 3D modeling software
  • Seminars and workshops covering the latest and greatest in printer and materials technologies
  • Tutorials and educational sessions, ideal for 3D printing newbies
  • Meet the 3D printing community of entrepreneurs, designers, artist and enthusiasts

We are planning to attend at least a couple of fairs this year and we’ll report on those visits right here on the blog. Hope to meet you during one of the 3D printing events in 2014!

By the way, if you know of a 3D printing event that we haven’t listed for 2014 yet, please let us know and we’ll be happy to update the list. 


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