The Best Selling 3D Printing Accessories & Books With Our Readers

As 3D printer owner you are bound to have an ever-growing toolbox of 3D printing accessories and utensils. While I have shared some of my most frequently used tools in a previous blog post, I figured it might also be More »

CraftBot Review – A Contender in the Sub-1000 $ Category

We have owned an Ultimaker Original 3D printer since 2012. While the Ultimaker has been a reliable workhorse it does lack of couple of features that put some limitations to its use: the lack of a heated print bed makes More »

11 Experts Share Their Top 3D Printing Beginner Tips

Let's be honest, 3D printing can be quite tricky. Home 3D printing technology is still immature and 3D printing beginners who just bought their first machine are faced with a multitude of challenges when it comes to getting reliable and repeatable More »

13 Tools to Help You Become a 3D Printing Pro

Over time I have compiled a set of tools that I use to make my life easier when 3D printing. No matter whether it is to fix a 3D printer, to remove support material or to improve 3D print adhesion, More »

Afinia H480 Review – Get Results Without Worrying About Technology

The first time I saw an Afinia 3D printer in action was at the Make Magazine 3D Printer Shootout in August last year. This compact 3D printer was producing good print results and Josh Ajima, who was testing the printer, More »

How to Store 3D Printing Filament – A Simple, Quick and Cheap Way to Keep Your Filament Dry

Did you know that some of your 3D prints may have partially or completely failed just because of humidity contained in the filament you used? This sort of humidity is invisible to the naked eye, so you probably blamed your More »

BuildTak Review – The Ideal 3D Printing Surface?

In case you own a FFF 3D printer you undoubtedly already dealt with print adhesion issues. Sometimes it is really difficult to get a 3D print to stick to the build surface, especially when you are dealing with prints that have a large contact patch. The print will start More »


STL and OBJ Files 101: Exporting, Viewing and Repairing Guide

STL and OBJ Files 101

What type of 3D printing file format do you use when you export your 3D model from the CAD software you work in? There is a multitude of file formats that 3D printing supports. However, the most popular are .STL and .OBJ files. These file formats are supported by most printing software and 3D printers.

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LulzBot Mini Review: Reliability and Ease of Use Packed Into a Compact Footprint

LulzBot Mini Review

One of our most frequently asked questions here on the blog is: what is the ideal beginner 3D printer? While there will probably never be a single right answer to this question we try our best by reviewing printers that look like they have the potential to be great beginner machines.

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3D Printed Replacement Parts

3D Printed Replacement Parts

I am sure that you have been there: you owned a product or device that you ended up throwing away since some small, insignificant looking plastic part had broken. You took your gadget to the shop for repair only to be told that it is cheaper to buy a new one rather than having it repaired. ​Anybody remotely environmentally conscious will cringe at this point: you have to throw away an item of which 99% of the parts still work but that tiny broken part that you can't replace forces you to dispose of the gadget.

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Book Review – The Zombie Apocalypse Guide to 3D Printing

The Zombie Apocalypse Guide to 3D Printing

A new book that has hit the bookshelves caught our attention: The Zombie Apocalypse Guide to 3D Printing by Clifford Smyth. Cliff is a guest writer here on the blog and his first book Functional Design for 3D Printing has proven to be very popular with our readers and continues to be a best seller among the books that we recommend.

In case you haven't heard of Cliff Smyth before, he is an author specialized in teaching you how to use your 3D printer as a tool to print useful things. I highly recommend that you check out his contributions on the topics of Infill & Strength and Anisotropy.

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Interview with Pieter-Jan Vandendriessche – Creator of the Tripodmaker

Tripodmaker Interview

Why would anyone want to develop a new 3D printer if there are already hundreds of machines out there? I ask myself that question every time I see yet another 3D printer being launched on a crowd-funding platform or elsewhere.

Just having tested the Tripodmaker delta 3D printer, I sat down for a chat with Pieter-Jan Vandendriessche to find out more about why he decided that there was space in the market for a new deltabot.  

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Tripodmaker Review – A Large Delta 3D Printer Put to the Test

Tripodmaker Review

Today we are celebrating a first here on the blog: while we have reviewed several 3D printers before, the Tripomaker review is our very first delta 3D printer review. Ever since I started visiting 3D printing fairs a few years ago, I have been intrigued by delta 3D printers. Their architecture looks exotic and they clearly still constitute a minority in the desktop 3D printing market.

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How to Solve the Most Common 3D Printing Problems

3D Printing Problems & Troubleshooting

What do you do when you are trying to run a 3D print and it just doesn't come out right? Undoubtedly, you'll have faced a situation where your prints come out skewed, with a rough surface finish, with blobs or with plenty of stringing.

You have been tweaking your slicer settings for hours, wasted meters of filament and gotten to the point where you become quite desperate. Don't despair, help is within reach!

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What Material Should I Use For 3D Printing? – Advanced Materials Review #5 – nGEN from ColorFabb

ColorFabb nGen Review

In late November 2015, ColorFabb announced the latest addition to their continually growing 3D printing filament portfolio: nGen. With nGen (next generation) ColorFabb aimed to develop a new all-rounder filament that could rival ABS and PLA without compromising on quality,speed, usability or performance. Certainly a tall order, even for an established filament manufacturer.

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Review of the Ultimaker Original Heated Bed Upgrade Kit

HPB kit Ultimaker Original

Regular readers of this blog know that we started our 3D printing adventure with an Ultimaker Original 3D printer a couple of years back. Although it may have come of age today, the Ultimaker Original is still a great 3D printer, its endless hackability and its very solid printing results speak for themselves. The fact that Ultimaker B.V. still markets it today (for around 995 EUR) shows that machine can still compete with more recent 3D printers.

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The Best Selling 3D Printing Accessories & Books With Our Readers

Best Selling 3D Printing Accessories

As 3D printer owner you are bound to have an ever-growing toolbox of 3D printing accessories and utensils. While I have shared some of my most frequently used tools in a previous blog post, I figured it might also be interesting to share what accessories prove popular among our readers.

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