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STL and OBJ Files 101: Exporting, Viewing and Repairing Guide

What type of 3D printing file format do you use when you export your 3D model from the CAD software you work in? There is a multitude of file formats that 3D printing supports. However, the most popular are .STL and .OBJ files. These file formats are supported by most printing software and 3D printers.More...What Are .STL and .OBJ File Formats for 3D Printing?.STL format is one [...]

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LulzBot Mini Review: Reliability and Ease of Use Packed Into a Compact Footprint

One of our most frequently asked questions here on the blog is: what is the ideal beginner 3D printer? While there will probably never be a single right answer to this question we try our best by reviewing printers that look like they have the potential to be great beginner machines.More...One machine that looks promising in this respect, is the LulzBot Mini. This 3D printer ha [...]

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3D Printed Replacement Parts

I am sure that you have been there: you owned a product or device that you ended up throwing away since some small, insignificant looking plastic part had broken. You took your gadget to the shop for repair only to be told that it is cheaper to buy a new one rather than having it repaired. ​Anybody remotely environmentally conscious will cringe at this point: you have to [...]

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Book Review – The Zombie Apocalypse Guide to 3D Printing

A new book that has hit the bookshelves caught our attention: The Zombie Apocalypse Guide to 3D Printing by Clifford Smyth. Cliff is a guest writer here on the blog and his first book Functional Design for 3D Printing has proven to be very popular with our readers and continues to be a best seller among the books that we recommend.In case you haven't heard of Cliff Smyth before [...]

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